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Happy Wood Sheep Year!

At the Tibetan Lunar New Year – Losar – the Gebchak nuns send greetings and prayers from the Nangchen highlands! As usual at the end of the year the nuns just completed a week-long Mahakala prayer ceremony to clear away negativity. With their winter cycle of drubchens (extensive prayer ceremonies) now over, the nuns are […]

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Wangdrak Rinpoche Australian Tour 2014 & Website Launch

Gebchak Rigpa Har-Sey Website Launched! Gebchak Rigpa Har-Sey is an Australian-based organization whose inspiration is to preserve the female spiritual lineage and wisdom of Gebchak Gonpa. Their website launched in July 2014 in time to promote the next visit of Wangdrak Rinpoche to Australia. Wangdrak Rinpoche Returns to Australia for 2014 Visit Gebchak Wangdrak Rinpoche will soon be […]

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Happy Wood Horse Year, 2014

Dear Friends of Gebchak Gonpa, March 2 is Tibetan New Year – Losar – at Gebchak Gonpa. The nuns and lamas are celebrating with prayers, wishing that all their relations, supporters and fellow sentient beings have a blessed and high-spirited Year of the Wood Horse ahead! For the last ten days the Gebchak nuns have […]

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Autumn 2013 – a season for Gebchak News

Passing of Choje Akong Rinpoche The Gebchak nuns are extremely saddened at the recent death of Akong Rinpoche and are engaging in 49 days of prayers for this great master as are many sanghas worldwide. Akong Rinpoche was the founder of ROKPA, an NGO that performs some of the most skillful charity and cultural preservation work […]

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