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Remembering a vibrant year

Gebchak Gonpa is the mother nunnery to over 40 branch gonpas (nunneries, monasteries and hermitages) throughout Eastern Tibet. Last July-August Gebchak hosted a summer training camp for nearly 200 nuns and monks from these gonpas to refresh their practical knowledge of Gebchak’s tradition. Gebchak Gonpa’s annual curriculum includes 20 drubchens – extended group ritual practices […]

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Happy New Year 2018 (with photos to share)

For the start of the Western, Tibetan and Chinese New Years, the nuns and lamas of Gebchak Gonpa send a resounding Tashi Delek to you all! The nuns have begun their spring schedule of drubchens, beginning with a 9-day Mahakala drubchen to prepare for the ‘Losar’ Tibetan new year. A group of nuns is in […]

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Happy Lunar New Year of the Fire Bird

Happy Tibetan ‘Losar’ New Year! From the highlands of Nangchen, Tibet the Gebchak nuns and lamas send their warmest wishes for a happy new year of the fire bird! They remain focused in a life of devotion and meditation dedicated to the wellbeing and harmony of everyone in this world. They are grateful in return […]

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Guru Rinpoche enshrined in Gebchak’s new temple – July 2016

Although Gebchak Gonpa is a quiet nunnery in a remote Nangchen valley, it has plenty of news to share. The nuns are now able to gather in their new temple for their 20 annual drubchens (extended sādhanā ceremonies) that last 10 days each. At the conclusion of a recent Kabgye (Eight Herukas) drubchen, new statues of […]

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