Prayer dedications

Between the hermit meditating in the mountains and the sponsor who provides her sustenance
Is a connection that will lead them to enlightenment together: the heart of that connection is dedication of merit.
– Jetsun Milarepa

In a ‘drubchen’ prayer ceremony.

By making a donation of US$200, your name will be placed in one of three retreat divisions (see below). The Gebchak nuns maintain regular daily sessions of their yidam practice in these retreat divisions. A yidam is a personal deity that each yogini-nun practices her entire life as a means to realizing Buddha nature.

The merit and blessings from the nuns’ practice will be specially dedicated to you, a family member or friend for an entire year. Given the nuns’ sincerity and their life-long devotion to prayer, this makes a powerful connection between sponsors and these practitioners.

Choose one of the following retreat divisions:

Green Tara: Green Tara’s blessings act swiftly to accomplish whatever aims we pray to achieve.

Mahakala (Protector): Like all protectors of the Dharma, Mahakala is supplicated to protect beings from obstacles and negatives.

Amitayus (Buddha of Boundless Life and Compassion): The blessings of this practice heal sickness, strengthen life force, and increase longevity.

Online donations of US$200 for prayer dedications can be securely processed here via using your PayPal account, or with a regular credit or debit card. (For cards, look for the small credit card logo on the left hand side after after clicking the yellow Donate button.) Australian and US donors, please see below.

* Please email with your chosen Retreat Division and the name for dedication.


Australian donors: for donations in $AUD please visit


USA donors: for tax deductible donations please go here.