Happy Lunar New Year of the Fire Bird

Happy Tibetan ‘Losar’ New Year!

From the highlands of Nangchen, Tibet the Gebchak nuns and lamas send their warmest wishes for a happy new year of the fire bird! They remain focused in a life of devotion and meditation dedicated to the wellbeing and harmony of everyone in this world. They are grateful in return for your support and prayers that they can continue their contemplative tradition.

Shortly after Losar celebrations, a group of 22 nuns will exit Gebchak’s 3-year retreat centre and a new group of nuns will begin. The life of a Gebchak nun entails various retreats, short and long, and the 3-year retreat falls after a course of preliminary training. It is in the 3-year retreat where the nuns become proficient at the meditation and yogic practices that characterise Gebchak’s tradition. There is always a waiting list of nuns to stay in the 3-year retreat centre; some need to wait 6 or 9 years for an opportunity.

Click here for a recent album of photos from Gebchak Gonpa. 

Gebchak remains an environment where the nuns have strong inspiration and few distractions from accomplishing their spiritual aspirations. They are extremely fortunate to be valued and supported by an international community who understands the importance of the heart and right view for a peaceful world. Please know that you are always connected to the Gebchak nuns and their practices by the power of their dedication prayers.

Many cheers and Tashi Delek on behalf of Yushu orphans (who are also well and enjoying a Losar holiday from school) and Gebchak Gonpa!

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