Happy Wood Horse Year, 2014

Wangdrak Rinpoche with the eldest - and the youngest - nun at Gecbhak.

Wangdrak Rinpoche with the eldest – and the youngest – nun at Gebchak Gonpa.

Dear Friends of Gebchak Gonpa,

March 2 is Tibetan New Year – Losar – at Gebchak Gonpa. The nuns and lamas are celebrating with prayers, wishing that all their relations, supporters and fellow sentient beings have a blessed and high-spirited Year of the Wood Horse ahead!

For the last ten days the Gebchak nuns have performed an intensive Mahakala ceremony to avert all traces of negativity for the New Year’s arrival. You have been included in their prayers and recollections. Your kindness is remembered each day as the nuns uphold their unique practice lineage.

As a New Year offering we’d like to share a teaching on Buddha Nature, given by Wangdrak Rinpoche last June, 2013. It can be read in our website’s Resources section under the Talks & Teachings heading.  Also, please enjoy our latest set of photos taken in autumn that includes one short video.

The Yushu orphans are also celebrating Losar with fun and games, together with Wangdrak Rinpoche and their extended families. After a short Losar holiday they will return to their classrooms, looking forward to the spring weather that Losar heralds. Here are photos taken of the orphans last September.

News: Wangdrak Rinpoche will be leading a retreat from 21 to 27 November, 2014, in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Full details about the retreat will be announced in May 2014. Rinpoche will also be teaching in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney during November and December 2014. Enquiries about Wangdrak Rinpoche’s Australian teachings can be made here.

The first month of the new year is highly auspicious and so making offerings is highly meritorious.

For Australians making donations, please read here for important instructions.
USA residents are reminded that your donations via the DGLI web portal are fully tax-deductible.

On behalf of Wangdrak Rinpoche and the Gebchak nuns and lamas, Happy New Year and Tashi Delek!

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