“The nuns need improved conditions, particularly more food, so that they can remain in practice and in retreat year after year, day after day, dedicating their lives solely to accomplishing the Dharma. This is my hope… How wonderful if it is possible, as it will allow this Dharma practice to continue.”
— Tamke Wangmo, senior Gebchak nun

youngest Gebchak nun


By virtue of preserving this unique, ancient and pure tradition it will benefit the world because the nuns are developing love and compassion through their practice.”
Wangdrak Rinpoche

Investing in Gebchak Gonpa is investing in the most sustainable global economy – that of pure altruism, compassion and peace.


Secure online donations for the projects listed below can be made online from anywhere in the world via Please click on the links to learn more about the projects and to make a donation:

  • Food & sustenance fund: Your contributions provide the nuns with daily nutritious meals, healthcare, living conditions and retreat facilities for continued generations of nuns.
  • Sponsor prayers: In your name or the name of a loved one, nuns will dedicate their daily prayers for a year.
  • Yushu orphans fund: Help Gebchak Wangdrak Rinpoche take care of 21 children who survived a massive earthquake in the region in April 2010.


Australian residents can donate to the above projects directly in Australian dollars via bank transfer, cheque or online payment to Bendigo Bank in Australia. To do so please visit


Donations are fully tax-deductible for US residents via the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives (DGLI) website on their Gebchak Gonpa page in the donation fields. DGLI processes online donations and checks from US donors on behalf of Gebchak Gonpa in Tibet. For more information on donations from the United States please click here.

Please email with any questions about donating to Gebchak Gonpa and the Yushu orphans.


Gebchak panorama

Associate organisations


Gebchak Rigpa Har-Sey is an Australian-based organisation whose inspiration is to preserve the female spiritual lineage and wisdom of Gebchak Gonpa. This involves assisting the cultural, charitable and spiritual activities of Wangdrak Rinpoche and the nuns and lamas of Gebchak Gonpa.

Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives (DGLI, Inc.) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving conditions for Tibetan Buddhist female monastic communities. For residents in the U.S.A. donations to Gebchak Gonpa through DGLI are fully tax deductible. DGLI is inspired by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo who was one of the first western women to be ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She is highly respected as one of the most accomplished western Buddhist practitioners and considered a leading spokesperson on improving the status and opportunities for Buddhist nuns.

ROKPA is an international relief organisation founded by the late Choje Akong Rinpoche, whose skilful work is largely responsible for the material restoration of Gebchak Gonpa following the Cultural Revolution. In the 1990s and early 2000s ROKPA rebuilt the Gebchak nuns’ 16 retreat divisions, the 3-year retreat house and a medical clinic, and continues to provide for a resident Tibetan doctor and healthcare support of the Gebchak nuns.

Pundarika Foundation spearheads the teaching and humanitarian activities of Tsoknyi Rinpoche III. This foundation is vital in providing material support to branch nunneries of Gebchak Gonpa in Nepal and Nangchen. A powerful documentary, Blessings, was produced showing some of the branch nunneries in Nangchen. Gebchak Gonpa, the mother nunnery, is included in the film.

ASIA Onlus an NGO founded in Italy in 1988 by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu that works for the preservation of the identity and historical heritage of the peoples of Asia, with particular attention to Tibet and the Himalayan region. ASIA considers the cultural diversity, traditions and historical heritage of the peoples of the Asian continent and particularly of Tibet and the Himalayan region a priceless treasure to be safeguarded and handed on to future generations. ASIA was a mainstay of support for our Yushu orphans from 2010.

Heart of Asia is a registered UK Charity that works with local people in remote areas of the Tibetan plateau to support simple, accredited health care training in both Tibetan herbal and allopathic medicine. Heart of Asia works in a manner that supports the traditions, and suits the environmental conditions, in these remote Tibetan areas. Since 2010 Heart of Asia has provided the bulk of sponsorship for the Yushu orphans under Wangdrak Rinpoche’s care.