Food & healthcare fund

Lunch is cooked for all nuns in the Nunnery kitchen.

The estimated cost of one nun’s food and healthcare for one year is US$250. However, any amount is gratefully accepted towards the community’s needs and will be shared equally among the nuns. Online donations for the Gebchak food & healthcare fund can be processed securely through at the bottom of this page. Instructions for Australian and USA donors can be found here.

The survival of this great female lineage is threatened by rapid social and economic changes in China. The traditional food source from their families and the nomad community is disappearing. In 2003 the food shortage reached a crisis and the nuns did not have enough to eat. The nuns’ administrative committee petitioned Wangdrak Rinpoche to provide them with enough food so that they could continue to uphold Gebchak’s practice lineage.

The nuns grow their own vegetables in summer.

In response to these basic needs, Wangdrak Rinpoche has been working to provide each of the Gebchak nuns with one balanced nutritional meal per day. He is also working to provide improved health education for the nuns, in cooperation with the Nunnery’s traditional Tibetan herbal clinic which was established by Rokpa International.

Online donations of any amount towards the nuns’ food & healthcare fund can be made here via using your PayPal account, or with a regular credit or debit card. (For cards, look for the small credit card logo on the left hand side after after clicking the yellow Donate button.) Australian and US donors, please see below.


Australian donors: for donations in $AUD please visit

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