Food & sustenance fund

Lunch is cooked for all nuns in the Nunnery kitchen.

The estimated cost of one nun’s food and requirements for one year is US$250 – yet any amount is gratefully accepted towards the community’s needs and will be shared equally among the nuns. This covers their food, healthcare, renovations and sanitation at Gebchak and its branch retreat centre near town. Online donations for the Gebchak food & sustenance fund can be processed securely through at the bottom of this page. Instructions for Australian and USA donors can be found here.

The nuns grow their own green vegetables in summer.

Gebchak’s female contemplative tradition is adapting in a quickly changing society over the last twenty years of modernization on the Tibetan Plateau. In the past, Gebchak nuns received food supplies from their yak-herding and farming families, and from their own herds and fields, and sourced herbal medicine from the hills around the Nunnery. Today, most families in Nangchen have moved to lower altitude towns where schools, hospitals and shops are located. The nuns continue to tend yak and farm their own barley and green vegetables, but now they purchase most of their food and medicines (herbal and allopathic) in town.

Wangdrak Rinpoche has been fundraising for Gebchak’s food supplies and improved living conditions since 2003, and works with the nuns to manage their food & sustenance fund. With a view to the future of the Gebchak lineage, in a society that is literally moving down the mountain, he has established Dongtsang Ritro hermitage across the river from Nangchen town. Dongtsang Ritro already serves as a base for elderly and sick Gebchak nuns, and is being developed with a 3-year retreat centre as a future training hub for nuns in Gebchak’s tradition.

A lorry of food supplies ready to travel to Gebchak from Nangchen town


Online donations of any amount towards the nuns’ food & sustenance fund can be made here via using your PayPal account, or with a regular credit or debit card. (For cards, look for the small credit card logo on the left hand side after after clicking the yellow Donate button.) Australian and US donors, please see below.


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