Gebchak Nuns

About the nuns

During a ‘drubchen’, or extended group sadhana ceremony.

Spiritual training

Vajra Master, Ani Chemchok Palmo.

The 350 nuns of Gebchak Gonpa are respected throughout the region for their intensive retreat system, which includes a three-year retreat for all nuns followed by entry into one of sixteen retreat divisions where they remain in practice for the rest of their lives. This retreat system follows Sixteen Volumes composed by the first Tsang-Yang Gyamtso, in which the tantric inner yogas and practices of Ratna Lingpa’s terma are adapted for the female body. These include eight volumes of sadhana that the nuns continue to practice today in intensive group prayer ceremonies: Hayagriva, Troma Nagmo, Tamdrin Nagpo, Tamdrin Marpo, Garuda, Varjapani, Yamantaka, and Yeshe Tsogyal.

The senior nuns provide all instructions and teachings at the Nunnery, including Dzogchen meditation and inner yogas like tsa-lung. All the official monastic posts are filled by nuns, such as the role of Vajra Master, chant leader, disciplinarian and bursar. A committee of nuns decides regulatory matters by consensus.

The nuns rely on and request their Gebchak lamas for necessary empowerments, spiritual guidance and material welfare. Gebchak Gonpa has strict rules in order to maintain their spiritual endeavors with purity and integrity. As the nuns are not permitted to leave the nunnery for extended periods of time, they depend on outside support. Wangdrak Rinpoche and the other Gebchak lamas work together to oversee the material affairs of the nunnery, and officiate during ordinations, empowerments and ritual ceremonies.

How to support the nuns

Food & healthcare fund

Contributing to the well-being of the nuns ensures the preservation of this unique female community dedicated to spiritual practice. Details.

Temple fund

The nuns devote significant time in drubchens (extended group prayer ceremonies) and the new Gebchak temple is the hub of these important community gatherings. Details.

Prayer dedications  

Sponsoring personal prayer dedications for yourself, family or friends is very beneficial and meritorious. Gebchak nuns will dedicate for you in their retreat divisions and drubchens. Details.